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Not So Scary

This summer was my (June’s) first trip to Muslim North Africa. I assumed North Africans (Egyptians, Moroccans, and Tunisians) would be hostile to the Gospel like the Somalis I have tried to share with. I was thrilled to find that I was wrong! Everyone was so friendly; they were easy to talk to and happy to hear about the Gospel. They were even interested.

For instance, one day, the kids and I were getting shwarmas to take to the beach, and Kira gave me a prompting look. “You want me to share the Gospel with the Shwarma lady, don’t you?” I asked, and she nodded. I felt so blessed to have a daughter who challenged me to be faithful. So, I told this Muslim woman how Jesus had given me peace that surpasses all understanding. She said, “I can see that you have peace, and I want the peace that you have; when you were speaking, I got goosebumps.” she told me that she would be interested in meeting with one of the local believers to study the New Testament. I was amazed.

Another time, in Morrocco, I went to a park to share the Gospel with one of the missionaries we had gone to visit. When we arrived at the park, we found a flood of women all busy doing their own thing; I felt overwhelmed and at a loss for where to begin. So, we prayed and asked God to lead us to the right person. After walking around for a bit, we saw a woman, and we both agreed she was the one. We went up to her and shared the Gospel. She said, “It is not a coincidence that you have talked to me today because I have been afraid of evil spirits my whole life, and I have been wanting someone to talk about spiritual things with.” She agreed to meet with my friend again to study the New Testament! I love that God led us right to her. We, indeed, are not alone!

The kids taught the believers in Singapore how to share the Gospel, and some of them said, “Now I have no excuse because I see that even kids can do this!”

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