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An Unexpected Blessing

One of the best parts about the trip was the unexpected opportunities God gave us to connect with other missionaries for mutual sharpening and encouragement. Read more…

One of the most fun things about this trip was seeing God move in ways we had not expected or planned. For instance, God gave us many opportunities to meet with other missionaries and be mutually encouraged. We met with missionaries in Morrocco, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Thailand, and Malaysia; I can’t even count how many! As we visited with others, I often thought, “Oh, this is why God brought us here, for this moment.” What a gift!

For instance, one time, we crashed a missionary team meeting. The missionaries started asking so many questions about church planting that Joey got out the whiteboard and did an impromptu church planting training that lasted hours and went into the next day. We have never seen missionaries so hungry for training. We learned so much from them as well!

In Casa Blanca, our plans fell through for the day, and we discovered another family from e3 that we had never met was in town. So, we decided to meet up. They were discouraged about Gospel sharing, and while we were with them, Joey shared the Gospel with a Muslim guy, they joined in, and the Muslim guy came so close to believing that day! This family planned to meet up with that guy again, and they were encouraged to see a positive response to the Gospel. They asked us to visit them in their city. So, we took along our teammates who had come up from South Africa and spent the day discussing mission strategy with this family. It was a sweet time of encouragement and sharpening for all.

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